November 2010

Not long ago I would have said that Sarah Palin has no chance whatsoever of becoming President, but now I am not so sure. People talked about how Howard Dean and then Barack Obama used the Internet and new media to raise money and energize a base of voters, but they are both rank amateurs compared to Palin, who has proven herself amazingly adept at using the mainstream media, which she derides for their liberal bias, to promote herself. She has become the first Reality TV and Twitter candidate, and although she may be stupid about matters of policy and governance (and geography) she is a genius at understanding and using a combination of new and traditional media to make her a ubiquitous and dominant presence. [click to continue…]



After a dismal record of awarding the Nobel Prize to the undeserving and worse, the Norwegian Nobel Committee this year has finally gotten it right, selecting the richly deserving Chinese dissident Liu Xiabo. But instead of allowing the trend next year to revert to the depressing mean, why not select the giant retailer Wal-Mart? It would be a refreshing change from previous years when the likes of Kofi Annan, Mohammed El-Baradei, and Barack Obama were tapped for the honor. [click to continue…]